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Joker's house
Home of Joker's original Java games

 About me

My name is Marco Brenco, I live in Italy and I'm currently a skilled developer in Microsoft's technologies for the development of web sites (Asp.Net, C#, Linq, Sql Server...).

To be clear to who looks at this site to guess my skills, it is not at all a good example of what I can do. It's been created many years ago when I just knew Java 1.0.2, in pure (deprecated) html with notepad! And I will never have the time to reingeneer it. But I think the Java applets, with a 3D engine and several AI packages created from scratch, still are a good example of my OO and overall programming skills.

 About this site

The purpose of this site is to explore the capabilities of Java for creating games with original and creative concept. Games designed to give you hours of pure fun, in the first place.

 The games

Please choose a game from the list below. All of them are applets. You need the Java plug-in to play them.

   Puzzle games

Maze of Rah In Maze of Rah the mummy of pharaoh Tutan-gammon has been given a chance to go back to life after 2000 years of sleep. Your goal is to help him rebuild all pyramids which were raised in honour of Rah, and whose pieces are now scattered in 100 different mazes...
A game of tiles, with unprecedented real time 3D graphics.

Paso Doble Paso Doble presents you with a practically unlimited number of computer-generated 3D mazes. You move around the mazes with a puppet which obeys to a strange rule: it can only make two steps in a row. Will you find the way to the exit?

Just Skidding In Just Skidding you must help a worm reach its apple through 50 levels of increasing difficulty. Plan your movements carefully to create the path to the apple, and beware the carnivorous plants!

Chess Mazes Add walls to a chessboard, and you get Chess Mazes. In each level your goal is to move your chess pieces until one of them reaches the target square. The trick is that a piece can only move when it's protected by another one.

   Action games

Think Tint In Think Tint your goal is to proceed as far as possible on a spiral of hexagonal tiles, coloured in 3 different ways. At each move you select the colour of the tile you want to go. The trick is that, if more than a tile has such colour, the target tile will be chosen randomly.