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Maze of Rah
Learn it at your mummy's knee!

 Can't run this game? Please read the F.A.Q.

 The object

The mummy of pharaoh Tutan-gammon has been given a chance to go back to life after 2000 years of sleep. Your goal is to help him rebuild all pyramids which were raised in honour of Rah, and whose pieces are now scattered in 100 different mazes...

 How to play (the short version)

Get started immediately with this set of keyboard controls:

  • Arrow keys (or h-j-k-l): move your mummy
  • Space bar: restart a level
  • PageUp PageDown: glance at the opposite side of the maze
and learn by doing!

 How to play (the whole story)

Maze of Rah is composed of 100 levels which you have to solve before your mummy can see the sunlight again. Each level is made of tiles, and each tile displays a path which connects some of its edges. The path is the same on both sides of a tile (press Page Down to see what I mean), and these paths all together make the maze your mummy has to move in.

You move your mummy with the arrow keys, or h-j-k-l. When the mummy arrives at a tile with a pyramid top, this is kicked up to an adjacent tile. Your goal is to push all these blocks on top of the pyramids from which they were set apart. Pyramid tops may be yellow or red, and of course the colour must match the one of the pyramid which is rebuilt.

Every tile which is not connected to the border of the scheme is a mobile tile. Whenever the mummy exits such a tile, the tile flips, thus changing the layout of the maze. This feature is the original idea behind the game, and is what sets it apart from other games of pushing blocks, like Sokoban.

Maze of Rah features these other special objects:

  • Stargates. Stargates work as couples of teleports. They create a virtual tunnel between two tiles, which can be used to teleport pyramid tops, or the mummy itself. The most interesting case is when the two stargates of a couple lay on the opposite sides of a scheme. In this case, if the mummy crosses the stargate it will end up walking on the other side.
  • Oneway tiles. They can only be entered and left in the direction of the arrow. Both sides of a tile are affected.
  • Road barriers. They stop the traffic on one side of a tile.

 Additional notes

Please consider that this game might take some time to load (it should be less than 2 minutes anyway). To try to limit your wait, sounds are loaded in the background only after the game starts. When audio is loaded, "Sounds" checkbox gets enabled, and you may check it to add sounds to your game experience.

Maze of Rah runs on a window separate from your browser. This window can be set at full screen to enhance your experience, or reduced to improve performance on slower machines.

You can move from one level to another either by pressing the "Next" button or by selecting the level from a drop down list.

Java applet and level design are copyright © 2001 by Marco Brenco