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Frequently Asked Questions

 Why is your Java application being blocked by my browser?

My Java applets are not signed by a Certificate Authority. This was perfectly ok and common practice at the time I developed them, while nowadays all modern browsers don't allow unsigned applets to run.

 So why don't you sign your applets?

I would need a so called "code signing certificate" issued by a Certificate Authority. This is very expensive, the best offer I could find is $80 per year. And unfortunately this is not the end of the story. A Certificate Authority needs to validate the identity of the requester. To do so you need to go in person to a registered notary and ask him to certify your identity. Notaries are outrageously expensive in Italy.

This is an old amateurish site of mine I haven't maintained for years, it doesn't justify such costs.

 But I really want to play your games

You may add my site http://www.joker-games.com to the list of the trusted sites in the Java console. Please refer to http://java.com/en/download/faq/exception_sitelist.xml

Do this at your own risk: although I can swear I didn't write any malicious code myself, I can't guarantee that the code doesn't get altered by a malicious hacker.