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Paso Doble
"That's one small step for a man, but two small steps for a puppet..."

 Can't run this game? Please read the F.A.Q.

 The object

In this game you move a puppet around different mazes of tiles. To solve a maze, you can (must) also walk on the walls, until you reach the target tile (X). An easy goal, if your puppet weren't in the strange habit of making two - and only two - steps per move. All levels are generated by the computer, and therefore their number is practically unlimited.

 How to play (the short version)

Get started immediately with this set of keyboard controls:

  • Arrow keys (or h-j-k-l): move your puppet
  • Space bar: restart a level
Your puppet will react by moving twice on the requested direction.

 How to play (the whole story)

Paso Doble is composed of a practically unlimited number of computer-generated mazes.

You move your puppet with the arrow keys, or h-j-k-l. Each time you request a movement, the puppet will assess whether it is possible to move twice on that direction, also considering climbing on the walls. If a double move is possible, the puppet will make it, thus moving by two tiles. Otherwise the puppet won't move, even if a single move was possible.

A level is solved when the puppet stops exactly on the tile with the red X. Just crossing that tile during the first step of a movement is not enough to solve a level.

 Additional notes

Please consider that this game might take some time to load (it should be less than 2 minutes anyway). To try to limit your wait, sounds are loaded in the background only after the game starts. When audio is loaded, the "Sounds" checkbox gets enabled, and you may check it to add sounds to your game experience.

Paso Doble runs on a window separate from your browser. This window can be set at full screen to enhance your experience, or reduced to improve performance on slower machines.

You can move from one level to another either by pressing the "Next" button, or by writing the level number into the text box and pressing "Go". You can also choose the size of the levels by selecting "Small", "Medium" or "Big" from a drop down list.

Last note: Paso Doble owes its name to a popular Spanish dance. It literally means "double step".

Java applet and level design are copyright © 2001 by Marco Brenco