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Just Skidding
Help a worm find his way to an apple, in 50 challenging levels

 Can't run this game? Please read the F.A.Q.

 The object

The goal of the game is very simple: make your worm reach the apple.

 How to play (the short version)

The first 9 levels, from Trainer1 to Trainer9, are intended as a tutorial. They should give you a good introduction to the principles and the strategy of the game, which are quite simple after all. To move the worm, use this set of keyboard controls:

  • Arrow keys (or h-j-k-l): move your worm
  • Space bar: restart a level

 How to play (the whole story)

Just Skidding is a game of tiles where you control the movement of a worm towards an apple, through 50 levels of increasing difficulty. You move your worm with the arrow keys, or h-j-k-l. Every movement from a tile to another creates a force of reaction which tends to push back the starting tile, which, if free to move back, slides until it reaches either another tile or the border of the scheme. By moving the worm wisely, you can modify the layout of the tiles until a path is created which brings you to the target (i.e. the apple).

Just Skidding also features these kinds of special objects:

  • Ice tiles. They are slippery, and your worm tends to go straight on out of your control.
  • Carnivorous plants. The only possible cause of death for your worm. They are particularly dangerous when close to frozen tiles.
Note that blocks of tiles always "skid" all together.

 Additional notes

A system of passwords allows you to resume the game at the level where you left it: once you know the name of a level, you can get back to it by writing its name in the Level text box.

Just Skidding is "silent" by default. You have to check the "Sounds" checkbox to turn on audio.

Java applet and level design are copyright © 1999 by Marco Brenco