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Think Tint
Climb up on a spiral of colors

 Can't run this game? Please read the F.A.Q.

 The object

In this game your goal is to proceed as far as possible on a spiral of hexagonal tiles, coloured in 3 different ways.

 How to play

The game starts in "demo" mode, and you need to press on the Play button to start to play.

You move your character by selecting colors. Every time you select a colour your rabbit will move to an adjacent tile of that colour. The trick is that, if more than a tile has such colour, the target tile will be chosen randomly. This limited control over the movement of your character is the fun (and the frustration) of the game.

You choose a colour by:

  • clicking on a coloured button
  • pressing 1, 2, 3 or r, y, b for red, yellow and blue
A mechanical "spider" chases you along the spiral, and will kill you if you are not fast enough. Also beware of "fragile" tiles which are scattered on the way. Ending on one of them will get you down by one level.

 Additional notes

Think Tint is "silent" by default: sounds are loaded in the background only after the game starts. Check the "Sounds" checkbox as soon as it becomes enabled in order to turn on audio.

Think Tint should run at full speed on any PC, nowadays. If the game is too slow on your machine, try and set the "Less details" checkbox for higher speed.

Java applet and design are copyright © 1999 by Marco Brenco